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Integrate MarketBot to your website!

We offer a technology that will manage your corporate advertising campaign and will accompany your customers throughout their journey on your website 24/7

MarketBot - the leaders choice!

Enterprise-level platform for complex business task solving
Prospecting and Customer Support selling goods and services


  • AI chat-widget for your website
  • Personalized adaptive customer experience scenario
  • Advertising campaign management
  • Personalised targeting
  • Advertising budget optimisation
  • 85%

    Standard enquiries response automation
  • x4

    Stuff training acceleration programs
  • 70%

    Cost saving on Customer Support
  • 65%

    Reducing time to conversion
Integration stages:
  • Current advertising campaigns audit
  • Customer experience scenario development
  • MarketBot widget integration to the website
  • Personalised advertising campaign development
  • Automated advertising campaign management
  • Weekly results check and algorithms adjustment
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